2023 CMT English Writing Competition

日期: 15/01/2024

To encourage students to sharpen their writing skills, the English Department organizes an annual writing competition. Students are also encouraged to participate in various external writing competitions to cultivate their interest in English writing. The results of the 2023 CMT English Writing Competition are as follows:



5B Kwan Siu Hang


1st Runner-up:

5C Lau Hung Fai

2nd Runner-up:

5B Wu Cheuk Hin


Highly Commended Prizes:

4A Ou Ngai Hang

5B Chow Lok Ching

5B Do Cheuk Yee

5B Lu Yuen Ying

5B Pun Wing Yin

5B Yeung Ho Man

5C Huang Sze Wan

5C Tam Tsz Hei